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Railway Vehicles

MPTG-2P track maintenance vehicle


wheel gauge, mm 1520
power unit output, kW (hps) 400 (543)
engine type diesel, YaMZ-8502.10-28
own deck cargo capacity, t 5
maximum speed, km/h 120
crawling speed max., km/h 0-5
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 300
passenger capacity, pers. 14
proper weight, t 75
type of crane Articulated jib
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 6,7
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 1,79
load hook lifting height, meters from rail top level 18,1
Max. load hook outreach, m from the pivot point 14,2
Lifting platform
make ТМЗ
load lifting capacity, t 0,5
outreach, meters from track centre 6,9
telescopic basket floor lifting height, meters from rail top 7,2
Single arm pantograph
length, mm 1961
width, mm 2260
height, mm 435
electric insulation, kW 25
pressing force of the pantograph slide shoe, N 85

MPTG-2P is equipped with an insulated working platform to perform maintenance operations on the energized catenary lines, an insulated pantograph serving to measure parameteres of the catenary, and an articulated crane mounted on the rear end of the vehicle frame.

The vehicle was designed to perform the following operations:

  • Cargo handling, transportation of various cargoes on its own frame deck;

  • Transportation of loads on coupled wagons;

  • Transportation of long cargoes including 25-meter long rails on its own deck or on coupled trailers;

  • Delivery of workers to site;

  • Shunting at station yards;

  • Power supply to welding equipment at work site;

  • Snow removal;

  • Power supply to electrical equipment working at 380/220V, 50Hz.;

  • Supply compressed air pressure to tools and equipment (8 atm.);

  • Perform duties of the leading vehicle when in track maintenance train formation.

MPTG-2P  railway vehicle is equipped with the innovational fully asynchronous electric drive system consisting of an asynchronous alternator and asynchronous traction motors which provides:

  • 10-30% less fuel consumption;
  • 10% less operating costs (no need for expencive hydraulic oils and filters);
  • electric motors have longer service life and are more reliable than the traditionaly used hydro-mechanical or hydro-static drives;
  • smoothly gains speed (no gears = no steps and jerks);
  • Diesel engine serves longer because it has no direct (hard) connection to the drive system and thus has no impacts from it.
  • Performance ratio is 15% higher because we use the vector drive control system.

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