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Railway Vehicles

MPT-6K track and catenary maintenance vehicle


wheel gauge, mm 1520
power unit output, kW (hps) 250
engine type QSX11.9 or equal
gear-box type VOITH 884.5 DIWA
own deck cargo capacity, t 2
maximum speed, km/h 90
crawling speed max., km/h 0-5
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 400
max. towing capacity at main-line mode, t 250
passenger capacity, pers. 8
proper weight, t 33,5
type of crane РК-17502С or equal
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 3,73
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 1,07
load hook lifting height, meters from rail top level 16
max. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 12,5
min. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 4,1
Lifting platform
make PA095 or equal
load lifting capacity, t 0,5
lifting platform floor lifting height, meters from rail top 7,5
outreach, meters from track centre 6,2
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 13410±10
width, mm 3150±20
height, mm 4940-40
wheel base, mm 7000±20

MPT-6K track and catenary maintenance vehicle is designed to perform:

- installation, repair, emergency repair operations of the catenary lines on temporary de-energized sections of electrified railways;

- loading and unloading of various loads with its own crane;

- transportation of platform-wagons with various cargoes;

- power supply to consumers in the field;

- carrying out shunting operations and transportation of work crews to the work site.

 Type of climatic modification: from minus 40 to plus 40 ° C.


- Cummins (MAN, Deutz) diesel engine according to latest Euro (Stage) version;

- VOITH 884.5 DIWA hydraulic transmission is automatic, provides soft and stepless gain of speed, which facilitates control and ensures traffic safety;

- lifting platform has insulation, which allows you to work at the non de-energized catenary sections;

- the crane provides: limitation of load moment, angle of rotation, indication of load capacity, electronic load safety control;

- the crane is equipped with a removable basket, which increases the service area;

- in order to ensure safety, it is provided for blocking the simultaneous operation of the crane and the lifting platform, as well as their work area;

- installation of a shunt device provides grounding of the contact wire through the pantograph during work on the de-energized catenary line;

- to monitor the parameters of the catenary system the vehicle is equipped with the USP KP device (VIZIR catenary measurement and recording system);

- a significant improvement in conditions for staff (a spacious cabin and two control panels to improve visibility when driving in both directions);

- control panels in the cab are equipped with the ASKUM automated system to read and control the working parameters of the vehicle. The control panels provide for: monitoring the position of the lifting platform and the crane, pantograph status, pantograph breaker and driver’s vigilance control - the KPD-3PA system (electronic recording of movement and braking parameters), which includes an ALSN automatic locomotive signal encoding and perception, signal and locomotive traffic light sensing device;

- spring suspension can be hudraulically blocked to provide firm transmission of loads from the crane and lifting platform to the rails;

- wheelsets are equipped with vibration dampers, providing a smooth ride and reduce negative impact on the rail track.

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