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Railway Vehicles

AGMu-2 auxiliary railway vehicle


power unit output, kW (hps) 128
engine type Cummins ISF3.8 (Евро-3)
gear-box type GAZ-33106
own deck cargo capacity, t 2
maximum speed, km/h 60
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 50
max. towing capacity at main-line mode, t 30
passenger capacity, pers. 8
proper weight, t 12
type of crane Articulated jib Hiab 033T
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 2,31
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 0,67
load hook lifting height, meters from rail top level 7,2
max. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 4,8
min. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 1,5
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 10200
width, mm 2700
height, mm 3700
wheel base, mm 5000

AGMu-2 is designed to perform the following operations:

  • cargo handling;
  • shunting at industrial yards and in city undergrounds;
  • delivery of track maintenance team to work site;
  • transportation of tools and equipment to work site.

The vehicle is fully self-propelled. The articulated crane is mounted on the rear part of the vehicle frame, the control cabin in the middle section, and the power pack is installed right in front of the cabin. Cargoes can be placed in the cargo area between the cabin and crane.

AGMu-2 is equipped with Automated Control System (ASKUM) collecting sensors readings, processing them and displaying all relevant information on the railway vehicle working parameters.

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