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Railway Vehicles

Craned track maintenance vehicle MPT-6E


power unit output, kW (hps) 294 (400)
engine type diesel, YaMZ-7511
gear-box type diesel-electric drive with a traction motors for each wheel set
own deck cargo capacity, t 8
maximum speed, km/h 100
crawling speed max., km/h 10
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 100
passenger capacity, pers. 8
proper weight, t 32
type of crane console
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 5
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers retracted, t 0,9
load lifting capacity at min. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 6,3
load lifting capacity at max. outreach, outriggers deployed, t 2
load hook lifting height, meters from rail top level 4
max. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 8,5
min. load hook outreach, meters from track centre 2
detachable basket n/a
Snow removal equipment
make TMCP
type snowplough
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 13490
width, mm 3320
height, mm 5280
wheel base, mm 7000

We offer two basic variants of MPT-6E vehicle:

1. With an enlarged cabin for 22 passengers (specialized for transportation of big work teams and for inspection voyages),

2. With a standard cabin with 8 seats (in this case you'll have big volume of the deck to transport cargoes).

MPT-6E was designed to carry out the following operations:

  • Cargo handling, transportation of various cargoes on its own frame deck;

  • Transportation of loads on coupled wagons;

  • Transportation of long cargoes including 25-meter long rails on its own deck or on coupled trailers;

  • Delivery of workers to site;

  • Power supply to welding equipment at work site;

  • Snow removal;

  • Power supply to electrical equipment working at 380/220V, 50Hz.;

  • Supply compressed air pressure to tools and equipment (8 atm.);

  • Perform duties of the leading vehicle when in track maintenance train formation.

MPT-6 railway vehicle is fully self-propelled. The control cabin (with 22 or 8 seats) is mounted on the front end of the vehicle frame and there is a cargo lifting crane placed on top of it. YaMZ-7511 diesel engine is installed in the central part of the vehicel under its frame. Torgue from the engine is transmitted to power alternator and further to thyristor converter which supplies the power to electrical traction motors. The motors give torque to axle gears of the wheel sets via cardan shafts. The air-compressor is driven by belt drive.

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